Hi, I'm Haley B. Garcia!

With years of experience being a digital intern or associate for tech start-ups and entertainment blogs in Chicago and Albuquerque, I've realized that it's my passion to market and create content for the products and services that I enjoy having in my life. It's my absolute passion to assist and educate family, friends, and clients in implementing digital marketing for their businesses. Social media, email marketing, influencer marketing, and search engine marketing to generate success in brand awareness and drive sales to their products and services are some of the topics I find joy in discussing and consulting.

With experience in blogging, content creation, creative branding, social media, and web management, including analytics and strategy, I truly enjoy staying on top of digital trends for the love of digital marketing innovations. The fun part about digital marketing is that everything is always changing.

Currently based in Chicago and uprooted from the Katishtya (San Felipe Pueblo) reservation in New Mexico, I'm dedicated to helping build competitive digital profiles and provide digital education to improve the economy of my community, wherever I go. That’s the beauty of Digital Marketing.